PHP practice 3


Embed menu into website


I. General

About design aspect, the website is be considered beautiful, apart from designing layouts, colors, accents… so menu has a very important role. Normally, menu will designed by yourself. However, in this practice I will introduce a method to embed menu downloaded on internet. In this case, menu was download from cssmenumaker website. It has three parts, html file, css file and some images.

II. Implement

1. Preparing

  • Download menu from cssmenumaker website or some web pages on internet
  • Extract and see structure, normally you see the contain have including html file, css file may be jquery file or javascript file and images.

2. Implement

  • Copy contain of html to php file, normally id or class of css file
  • Copy all contain inside css file to css file of your php project
  • Copy images to properties folder of your php project
  • Modify path in css file, because this situation structure of file may be changed
  • Modify size of zoon

3. Video introduction more details

4. Results
php practice 3 result

Have fun and good luck.