ASP MVC practice 1


Reuse designed html project to makes interface for ASP.NET MVC


I. General

In this presentation introduce how to use the designed html project to make interface in ASP.NET MVC (html project source code). Reference for layout website read here. In ASP.NET MVC (MVC 4) allow file cshtml become template file but html project's not only html file makes interface also css file and images so let's you choose a reasonable structure. In this example, I use Tainguyen folder to store all relate properties, so situation some paths in html file changed and you have to modify that path.

II. Implement

1. Introduce

Step 1: run visual studio -> choose menu file -> choose project (note: we do not choose website, that's one for classic ASP ) -> choose ASP.NET MVC 4 Application -> choose Empty
Step 2: make Tainguyen folder same level model folder, view folder, controler folder. Copy all properties of html project into Tainguyen folder.
Step 3: In view folder making shared folder, in that's one make cshtml file like template file. Of course, you have to copy source code inside html file to cshtml file. do not forget modify the path connect to css file and javascript file.

2. Video details

Have fun, good luck.