MD5 hashing function in Java


Making MD5 hashing function in Java synchronous with MD5 hashing function in PHP


I. General

In some cases, deploy a software system like selling online system sometimes require combine website and application software. Our problem here is usually to protect password we have to use hashing function to hash password like MD5, surely an account use application software (in this practice, I use Java) can login by use the cipher from Website so the hashing function in Java have to synchronous with the hashing function in PHP.

II. Implement

1. Preparing environment programming in Java

For programming in Java, we have to care two issues: the first one, editor for programming in Java, we can use Netbean, Jcreater, Ellipsis… in the practice I use Netbean. The second one, you have to install Java Runtime Environment. You can download all from Oracle website

2. Implement

Note: usually, hashing password to avoid decrypt password by dictionary method we try to make it more complex. To get more, you should refer in Security Category on this website

3. Video for more details

Have fun and good luck.