PHP practice 1


Make an environment for program in PHP, make a first web application to output text 'hello world'. 


I. Introduce environment execute PHP 

To deploy environments for program in PHP & MySQL, the requirement for your system already installed PHP, MySQL and Apache. Of course, to deploy real web application you must have a hosting. Nowadays, on internet has many free services give free hosting. However, I think you need an own hosting, because the interest of IT engineering is intuitive results, otherwise what is your learning, done, that is your own properties forever. Today, if you make a Website successful, in future you will make more...

For install PHP, MySQL, Apache you can download apart on internet or install integrated package software like Wampserver or Xampserver. 

II. Install environment for program in PHP 

In this one, I use Wampserver for present.

Step 1: download Wampserver - link download

Step 2: extract Wampserver (rar file) and install (double click Wampserver)

Step 3: run Wampserver, it is appear the icon same the below picture, that is mean successfully.

wamp icon

III. Make a first project 

To code in PHP environment, you need an editor like Netbean, Notepad, Dreamweaver... in this practice i use Dreamweaver. 

1. Create site 

By my experience, for easy deploy your project you need make a site firstly. Where do you put the site? anywhere if you make it in HTML project (client script), but in this situation (PHP project) you have to put inside www folder (for Xampserver you put inside htdocs folder). 

2. Create PHP file 

After already project site, you chose menu file -> new -> chose PHP file kind and save that one, any name you want. If you want your PHP file run like home page, index.php is the best name. 

3. Coding 

Code PHP surely inside or other symbol search on internet. Example source code output text 'hello world' below:

echo 'hello world';


4. Execute project 

Click Wampserver icon -> localhost -> click on your project to execute. 

5. Video for more details

Have fun and good luck.